Help a computer. Should I gray/blue gouache the parts inside the panels? I’m stepping back from this page for a sec and working on another one so I don’t over paint.


Dads of my Days

Practice Makes Perfect

Just finished this submission to Stumptown Undergrond‘s breakup issue. The deadline was yesterday, but they do a differently themed issue every month, so if you’re interested, I highly recommend that you check them out, because you won’t have too long to wait before the next one! It’s a fun community, plus getting one’s work published is always nice.

We’re having a really fun bounce right now in the comics Google Group. One of us sent something to the group and Justin’s e-mail bounced back to the group. Then his e-mail reacted to that e-mail. Then his e-mail reacted to that e-mail. Then his e-mail reacted to that e-mail.

Should we be making art out of this? (PROBABLY)

Project Update in Post-its

First time post in post-its, pardon the pun. The process of using post-its is working out better than expected. But my original goal of telling a ten year story in about 10 pages, isn’t going to work out. I am going to need to split the story into 3 chapters, because the first arc alone has ended up being about 24 pages. Yes, that’s how many pages of post-its so far.

 Here are  pages 2 & 16

Page 21:

Post-its are cool because you can try things without committing to a page.  Comments welcome!