Lucy’s Hourlies

Suzette beat me to it, but here are my comics from Tuesday’s Hourly Attempt! This was my first time trying hourlies and the experience was both entertaining and horrifying — since I wasn’t really planning out or editing any of the panels. So, as much as they make my eyes burn, the whole shebang was rather liberating. I’m contemplating doing this every day for a week, but that may be madness. Stopped at 8pm, but just imagine that the following five hours contain similar panels. Dancing waits for no one.


4 thoughts on “Lucy’s Hourlies

  1. awww it’s over just when it starts to get exciting haha j/k well done Lucy! I was too scared to do one of these plus my life is probably too boring.

  2. Well, i don’t know if anyone else gives a crap, but i just got Manga Studio EX4 in the mail! (and i need to test out posting on this here blog too, so i’m sharing) Now if i can only find the time to play with it.

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