Here’s the first page from my final project. Can anyone give me any hints as to scanning in a full color image? I feel kind of nervous about going the full color route, and just want to make sure it looks the best that it can. Thanks should go out to Lucy  B. for getting this blog going, it looks great!


6 thoughts on “Peepers

  1. Scanning full color.

    Start with as high quality image as your scanner will allow (Millions of colors or realistic colors, 48 bit or whatever ( every scanner is slightly different).

    DPI: At least 600 DPI but if you have time 1200 dpi.

    Then when you get it into photoshop, if you are going to be printing the image turn it into CMYK (it will be in RGB). You can open a separate file of the same image that is RGB for the web.The colors will look different in each mode.

    Once you are there, save a PSD document version of the file.

    Then start working on it to get the colors just right. I recommend “curves” for this. It is the most subtle of tools. I could give a you a brief how-to curves in class.

    Jesse will be teaching a really amazing class on Photoshop next semester.


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