Space Ghost (updated)

Now with stars!

This was based on a dream that had some elements from Psycho II.


7 thoughts on “Space Ghost (updated)

  1. HA! is that a space odyssey joke? why do you think you need to work on lettering? it’s good!

    What if you take eraser tool down really small and just make stars with that?

  2. This may be a technique that would be better suited to using before you draw in your characters, but I’ve seen great starscapes created with an old toothbrush and masking ink. Since your characters are already in, though, you might have to do some pretty extensive taping to make sure you don’t get white spatters all over everything, and that may be more trouble than it’s worth.

    • I just did photoshop stars since all the blacks were already done in photoshop. I want to try that toothbrush splatter sometime it would probably be look more organic.

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