well, i just had an epiphany.

All of the best American comic book artists were imported from the Philippines! I had to take a class before anyone told me!  WTHell!  America is so insidious.  Here i am trying to think of non-american artists to do a report and i can only think of one (because he has recently been doing American comics).  Then i find out that almost every really good “american style” (. . .) artists came from some Schenectady island.

Alfredo Alcala, Tony DeZuniga, Alex Nino, Nestor Redondo, Gerry Talaoc, check it:  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Filipino_komik_artists#Philippines See how many names you recognize.

Oh, and i thought of another foreigner that i like.  I ordered something he did when i was a teenager (i’m 32) and i always suspected my mom threw it out.  Of course now almost all of Milo Manara‘s stuff is expensive as hell to get.  (I had the first Click)


3 thoughts on “well, i just had an epiphany.

  1. Great Taste Justis! I’m a GIANT fan of the Filipino komiks history and all the names you mentioned. I’ve got a lot of good reading for you when we get there. There is one good websites listed on our shared resource list: http://gerry.alanguilan.com/
    Gerry Alanguilan has a museum up there that has all the greats and tons of stuff.

    Awesome stuff.

  2. You can post links but they don’t automatically become active. There is a little icon above the text box with a picture of a chain link. Select the text you want to link, then hit that icon and paste the interweb address in where it says link.

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