This is the comic I did for the drawing exercise DUNJA JANKOVIC gave us, a comic inspired by another comic. I chose a page by JULIA GFRÖRER about drugs and Fantasia.


3 thoughts on “

  1. let the record show that I capitalized Dunja and Julia’s names because I was too lazy to find the double dot o character. i just copy & pasted from julia’s website and then covered my tracks by putting Dunja’s name in caps too.

  2. I haven’t seen Julia’s page, but I like that your sense of humor made it in. I pretty much like any story where a sandwich takes center stage.

    I still don’t know how to do that fancy putting the link in someone’s name thing.

    • it’s really easy.
      there’s an option in the tool bar that reads “link.” it’s right next to “b” for bold and “i” for italic.
      just click that and paste the link you want into the window that pops up.
      then write what you want the link to be called and click the “link” button again.
      wordpress will close the link for you.

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