Help a computer. Should I gray/blue gouache the parts inside the panels? I’m stepping back from this page for a sec and working on another one so I don’t over paint.



3 thoughts on “overpainted-ed-ing?

  1. suzette! i love it! hmm, at first glance, i feel like the panels could use a little more weight in them for balance, but then again… but really what i wanted to say is just to keep an eye to printing/reproduction when you consider adding color. keep fighting the good fight!

  2. I think you should try the paint. Only because of all the black already on the page and the parts that are already painted. What if you just had a wash on the building or just on the car interior?

  3. I like it as is. At first I was thinking that you should get rid of all the gouache. But now, I’m thinking you shouldn’t add any more. The contrast between grey and white and black is “vital” and “exciting”. I would say that you should bump up the contrast between the white lettering and black background (using curves). Bump those blacks up!

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