Center for Cartoon Studies Awareness Week!

Hey guys. The Center for Cartoon Studies is looking for help spreading the word about their programs this week so they can drum up a kick-ass batch of applicants for the upcoming school year. Since the school is small and, even in this progressive age of comicsphoria, very specialized, the vast majority of their applicants find out about the school from links on various art blogs and comics-related sites. So, in the spirit of furthering excellent comics education, I thought it would be appropriate to give them a shout-out today (and if you want to see the longer, gushy endorsement I wrote on my personal blog, it’s here).

CCS shares a lot in common with the IPRC program. It’s very focused on production and the practicalities of comics, while maintaining a strong connection to comics history and theory. I think the two programs feed into one another really well, with Portland providing a strong community backed up by a city full of comics shops, working professionals, and other resources, while CCS gives students the chance to pursue their craft in a really focused, intensive environment of cartoonists in a rural (but no less vibrant!) setting.

The biggest thing I’d say for their programs is that there’s a lot of flexibility. The masters degrees can be done in one or two years, in residence or long distance, and the summer programs (which is what I did last year) ROCK. If any of you have longer projects you’ve been working on at the IPRC and want to pump them full of high-octane explosive fuel in August, I strongly recommend that you go check out the Cartooning Studio. There’s a lot of freedom in choosing what you want to work on for five days (especially when working on that project is all you do) and the chance to take off from other obligations, which I know has been a frustrating balancing act for many of us this semester.

So that’s that. Spread the word, spread the comics. I promise my next post will have more pictures and fewer words.


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