Here’s a quick look at the evolution of a larger illustration from my final story, from shitty scribbles to less shitty scribbles! Hooray! I should have the inks finished for this by Friday.


3 thoughts on “Progress!

  1. Don’t you love that, when you look down at your art and go “When did this stop being shitty scribbles and start being AWESOME?”
    It looks swell. Is this the one you were considering adding intense cross-hatching to

    • IT’S THE BEST. Or when you have a vague idea in the back of your head that turns into a physical object at all. Man, guys. We’re magicians.

      And yeah, this is the crosshatching one. The other option would be having the entire background be black with the swarm of selves in white. I may do two versions once I get the lines scanned into Photoshop and put them up to see what you guys think.

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