New Images

Feverish and ailing, but productive nonetheless! Here are a couple finished images from my final project to prove that I’m not just being sick and useless over here.



3 thoughts on “New Images

  1. nice, but the shadows don’t coincide. i wouldn’t normally mention that to somebody, but what i wanted to say was that i like how you used her shadow. It connects her to the surroundings. Another thing that i would do is add a few chicken scratches of detail on the pathway right at the foreground. I think of it like this. In real life you only see detail up close. In a drawing you are given the choice to put details in to your hearts content, but if you put them in you have to finish. If you put them in only in the foreground it is economical and it helps create depth.

  2. Dang Lucy, these are gorgeous. I love the dual-flag forest lady with the Turkish delights. I like how both images have a heavy dose of black in the focal area. I could use some of that inking fever myself. j/k hope you feel better soon

  3. Great stuff lucy. I like the fin de si├Ęcle style illustration style. They remind me of Beardsley or Rackham or something. But with the blue jeans.

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