My first youtube videos

These are just some boring videos of me drawing and mumbling gibberish, but maybe that’s just your sort of thing?  It turns out that not only am i bad at talking with people, i’m even more incoherent when i’m talking to myself!  Thank God my dog understands me, then again maybe he’s confused too. . .


I’m really liking Manga Studio EX4

I just wanted to throw up a couple links.  I’m learning more and really starting to get enthusiastic about this program.  I’m getting crazy ideas about setting up all my computer stuff at a 24 hour comic event.  This software streamlines all your comics process from an editable script that will instantly reword right inside the word balloons for an entire story, to inking, panel layout, generating perspective grids, et cetera.  If you are decently familiar with Photoshop and use it for comics you will find this program to be more purpose built to suit your needs.  I still use CS4 for initial scanned in cleanup purposes, but image adjustments and levels and all that also exist in Manga Studio.  There seem to be limitations to dpi and file type, but I’m still not as confident to discuss this as Jesse would be (if he familiarized himself with the program-hint hint).

The Join Lines Tool, .

The Rulers Layer, this tutorial has like 20 parts, and i am enjoying it immensely after wasting a few days trying to find a specific tutorial that wasn’t made by f’n retards.  This guy is a breath of fresh air.  (Really, who needs a creating word balloons tutorial that goes: use circle tool, use triangle tool, select your eraser and erase the inside.  Thanks! A-holes! Every-stinkin’-one of you!) .

More (part 10 perspective ruler):

Part 11 perspective grid:

And that is just some stuff that i thought you guys might be interested in.  There are a number of features i like already and i just keep finding more as i go.  I hope this might help get some of you on track faster than i did.  As Howard already knows they (Smith Micro) have been offering special 4 day only sales on EX4 version and you can get it for $100, if the $300 dollar advertised price has turned you off of this product.  Coming from a comics geek like me it is priceless.

What I learned from Jesse Reklaw

So, I’ve been taking Jesse Reklaw’s rad Image Science class, and I’ve already learned lots of useful stuff. For instance, I drew this comic in class and was able to successfully drop the blue ruled lines from my notebook paper and get it to look all nice!

(For those interested, the quick ‘n’ dirty on how I did its: Scan in color, go to Image>Adjustments>Hue/Saturation and turn the lightness on the blue and cyan all the way up, remove any remaining darkness from the lines with the Dodge tool set on highlights, then double the DPI and Threshold it so it’s a nice bitmap.)

It’s Not That Bad art show

Sorry for the missing mission. Mission accomplished. Now the show shows itself. I’m writing this fast before I have a coffee. They told me giving it up would help with my anemia but all the gloves are off.
I’m having an opening for the pieces from my comic, It’s Not that Bad, that are up at the bar Tiga until the end of May. This is the longer piece I made about Detroit, 24 pages.

Saturday May 7th
1465 Northeast Prescott Street

The comic will be available on this night as well!
Feel free to stop by, listen to some gothy jams and enjoy a libation.
If you can’t make it but would still like a comic, shoot me an email!


What i did yesterday.

I thought i would draw something new for the, “how to digital clean up assignment.”  Unfortunately i did roughs in Photoshop, which led to doing finishes there too.  So i wasted a day.

Here are a few steps.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Try to see through your roughs like Patch Adams.  Don’t fall in love with them.  (ps just because i wrote machida karate on there doesn’t mean anything, i didn’t use any reference)

I’m not wasting any more time trying to get this POS! WORDPRESS SLIDESHOW to work in the right order.

Oh i see how it works, you have to cuss at it in writing before it works right.