Effective communication

I associate everything with my passion for comics.  Everything is comics.  Call them communication, literature, representation, instruction, or just storytelling and art. Comics can do all of these things and comics can do them the best.  That is my assessment.

Now, comics are associated with entertainment first and foremost.  So in our society they represent a commodity of stories.  Entertaining stories have been teaching tools throughout history, but today they have turned their aim towards something that can be sold instead of something of real educational merit.  That is not exclusively true, but it is common.

The RSA organization has been providing lectures to their youtube channel for some time.  They have been teaming up with an artist for a multimedia example of what is being talked about in a living cartoon style.  While this remains film it is a real eye opener to what elements of visual communication can be provided by a cartoonist (comic artist).

For example, go to their youtube channel here, http://www.youtube.com/user/theRSAorg#p/u/17/O_3a2hf3y0s and above the scrolling list click on the most viewed option.  You’ll notice that all the RSA Animate videos jump to the top. Isn’t that a clear indication of the power of the clear effective communication that our two dimensional medium can provide?

These are not stories!  These are boring ol’ lectures!  So the main point that i am trying to make here is that the comics medium can provide more than most of us take advantage of.  The comic book is not just the story equivalent of a Hollywood film.  It is the toolbox that allows us to teach (and entertain) more effectively.


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