Some Inks w/out Words

I was working on the text  for these pages during class last week (which is constantly changing by the way). I’ve got the pages in a zine format printed out for tomorrow. Unfortunately what you will be getting is an earlier revision, so I apologize for the typos in advance!

And here is a page you might not have seen…

These pages were inked with combination of g nib, #7 brush, and copic multiliner pens.


Project Update in Post-its

First time post in post-its, pardon the pun. The process of using post-its is working out better than expected. But my original goal of telling a ten year story in about 10 pages, isn’t going to work out. I am going to need to split the story into 3 chapters, because the first arc alone has ended up being about 24 pages. Yes, that’s how many pages of post-its so far.

 Here are  pages 2 & 16

Page 21:

Post-its are cool because you can try things without committing to a page.  Comments welcome!