What I learned from Jesse Reklaw

So, I’ve been taking Jesse Reklaw’s rad Image Science class, and I’ve already learned lots of useful stuff. For instance, I drew this comic in class and was able to successfully drop the blue ruled lines from my notebook paper and get it to look all nice!

(For those interested, the quick ‘n’ dirty on how I did its: Scan in color, go to Image>Adjustments>Hue/Saturation and turn the lightness on the blue and cyan all the way up, remove any remaining darkness from the lines with the Dodge tool set on highlights, then double the DPI and Threshold it so it’s a nice bitmap.)


More Vellum Comics

Another combining image, this time with positive space instead of negative. Viewed as a spread:

Viewed overlapping:

Practice Makes Perfect

Just finished this submission to Stumptown Undergrond‘s breakup issue. The deadline was yesterday, but they do a differently themed issue every month, so if you’re interested, I highly recommend that you check them out, because you won’t have too long to wait before the next one! It’s a fun community, plus getting one’s work published is always nice.

Vellum comics

Hello world! Finally, I have stuff ready to post from my comic. I’ve been inspired by optical illusions and ambiguous images, and I’m trying to figure out how to create pairs of images that combine in an unexpected way when you turn the vellum page on top of the other page.

Imagine that this is a spread in a comic, with the verso page printed on ordinary paper, and the recto page printed on vellum:

And when you turn the page, voila!

A few things I’m trying to work out: How can I make the combined image as surprising as possible? Also, in the case of the above spread, just what the hell is that thing between the trees on the left? (I thought about making it the top a tree stump on the near side of the street, but decided it detracted from the two-plant theme.) Feedback would be very welcome.