Peepers, Pg. 4


Giant Sized Man Thing

Dunja Jankovic came to our last three classes to help us out with some drawing excercises (thanks Dunja!), here’s the last one she did with us. We were to re-envision one of our favorite comic pages. I actually got this page from Justis in class, it’s a Mike Ploog page from the first Essential Man-thing collection. I’ve never read any Mike Ploog illustrated comics before this, but I had heard of his name before. He’s mentioned in the making of John Carpenter’s THE THING by the special makeup fx artist Rob Bottin in a way that only Rob Bottin can mention somebody. Here’s the original page below.


Here’s the first page from my final project. Can anyone give me any hints as to scanning in a full color image? I feel kind of nervous about going the full color route, and just want to make sure it looks the best that it can. Thanks should go out to Lucy ┬áB. for getting this blog going, it looks great!