It’s Not That Bad art show

Sorry for the missing mission. Mission accomplished. Now the show shows itself. I’m writing this fast before I have a coffee. They told me giving it up would help with my anemia but all the gloves are off.
I’m having an opening for the pieces from my comic, It’s Not that Bad, that are up at the bar Tiga until the end of May. This is the longer piece I made about Detroit, 24 pages.

Saturday May 7th
1465 Northeast Prescott Street

The comic will be available on this night as well!
Feel free to stop by, listen to some gothy jams and enjoy a libation.
If you can’t make it but would still like a comic, shoot me an email!



bizniz cards

People have been asking me about my comics. That’s exciting! But I realized all my business cards were the apology cards I made when I was going through a phase of casually insulting people by accident. (I think this has something to do with my natural cleverness. What the lord giveth the lord taketh away.)

So when I should have been doing my homework I did this instead. Also, sleep deprivation. Amirite?

Dads of my Days

We’re having a really fun bounce right now in the comics Google Group. One of us sent something to the group and Justin’s e-mail bounced back to the group. Then his e-mail reacted to that e-mail. Then his e-mail reacted to that e-mail. Then his e-mail reacted to that e-mail.

Should we be making art out of this? (PROBABLY)