About Your Authors

This blog is brought to you by the following highly attractive and well-groomed individuals:

Dylan Williams: Publisher of Sparkplug Comic Books, general hat-wearing bad-ass.

Lisa Mangum: Resident Eastern European comics expert. In-class purveyor of fine pastries.

Patrick Keck: Parties with gnomes.

Lucy Bellwood: is making up a lot of filler material for this website.

Suzette Smith: Noise musician & a creator of humorous/serious stories and comics, born in Detroit, MI. Rocks a mean fringe.

Ryan Dirks: Silent but deadly.

Hazel Newlevant: Hawks comics and zines by day at Reading Frenzy, probably kills mole people by night. Probably.

Justis Berg: Owns more books about comics than you can shake a stick at.

Howard Wong: Will destroy you with his crippling grasp of anatomy and form.

Brad Hanel: Closet Übermensch.

Elizabeth Pusack: Binds a mean book.


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