These are most of my books, a few of them that are missing are the Famous Artists Course books (big) and I think, Panel Discussions, which is a very good one that i would recommend.  Like i said in class i can’t really loan them out, but if you want me to bring them to class so you can get a feel if they are of interest that is fine.  I do have a short stack of ones that suck too.  Maybe i should include them?

Here’s a link to some stuff I’ve drawn


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  1. Manga Studio sounds really weird! I saw a comic a classmate laid out in that once and it reminded me of interpersonal relationship comics from the early 90s. Is it possible to create comics using that software that don’t carry that Manga Studio layout visual memory of early 90s relationship comics?

    • Suzette, i believe you can modify everything the way you want, like photoshop. It just has better shape dynamics and stuff for the line work. It is exportable to photoshop too, so if not you could always go back and forth.

      rrdirks, yeah, i had to watch the price in my amazon wish list for a long while before i got that. It is really good though. I like it better than Hogarth, and Bridgman.

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